Royal Mentality

Royal Mentality is our career and college preparatory program designed to ensure that our King sophomores, juniors and seniors are equipped with the workforce readiness skills, professional development and academic support necessary for their post-secondary transition.

Royal Mentality only focuses on career and college preparatory topics and discussion. We discuss everything from completing college essays and applications, to College Life/Greek Life and Time Management. In this program we take our boys to their interested colleges/universities through college tours, bring local colleges/universities to them to host workshops, and we also introduce and gain relationship with trade professionals within the community.

We want to see all of our Kings attend a college/university, but we also are aware that college may not be for everybody. With knowing this we be sure provide all our Kings in this program with job and professional development skills such as resume writing, mock interviewing, job searching and career prep! We also strive to partner with local employers to provide job shadowing and intern opportunities to our Kings while they are still in high school!

The most unique aspect about Royal Mentality is our Passport Program. Our Passport Program is synonymous to the 21st Century Scholars Track Program as it requires our Kings to complete a series of academic and career related tasks during the program year. Tasks may include everything from reaching out and networking with their high school academic counselors to planning out a civic engagement leadership project! The tasks set forth are designed to teach our Kings accountability, responsibility, and overall conduct!

Benefits of completing the tasks outlined in our program gives our Kings access to the 21st Century Scholarship (if qualified) and places them in the right position for college acceptance or landing a job internship!

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