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Bloom Project, Inc. is a not for profit organization that provides mentoring, service projects, college preparation, character building, and career exploration opportunities. We currently operate in Indianapolis & Ft. Wayne. It is our goal to prepare young males, ages 12-18, for secondary education and increase knowledge in their career paths. The name of the organization was created by the Founder and Executive Director, Arnetta Scruggs, in honor of her late grandfather, Ezell “Bloom” Stephens. The motivation of Bloom Project, Inc. is to continue the family legacy. Within the Bloom Project, Inc. organization, there are two established programs– the annual Kings Feast Symposium and the monthly mentoring workshops, Project King.

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A Glimpse Into Bloom Projects Activities

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Become A King

Project King is a monthly leadership development and college preparation program for minorities aged 12-18. Maximizes youth leadership potential, academic and career while developing a pathway to success. Includes character building workshops, college preparation workshops, service learning projects, career exploration and social events.

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Become A Mentor

Our Mentors help facilitate our monthly workshops for our Kings. We are looking for professionals of all kinds, who would like to become a mentor and help us in facilitating our efforts aimed at creating successful young men. If you are interested and want information, please click the link below and fill out the application.

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Sow A Seed

We are a grassroots, non-profit organization. We receive the majority of our funding from private donors like you. Your contributions are vital to effectively carrying out our mission and positively impacting the hundreds of young men that we reach every day. We thank you and greatly appreciate your interest in making a contribution.

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Featured Programs & Services

  • Project King

    Focuses on group mentoring for predominately minority males, ages 12-18 years old. A job/ career focused program to improve young men social skills and relationships with others. Help them learn about the world of work, potential career paths, and the skills they will need to succeed.

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  • Kings Feast Symposium

    The Kings Feast Symposium is our premier event of the year. This prestigious event is catered towards young minority males who are considered to be the next generation of leaders. Throughout the symposium, the young men will have the opportunity to participate in different seminars that relate to them reaching for success in every aspect of life.

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    22aug6:00 pm11:00 pmChucks & Tux 2019 Birthday Party and Fundraiser


    14sep10:00 am2:00 pmKings Feast Indy


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Bloom Project, Inc.

Fort Wayne: Calling all Parents with young men, ages 12-18 and Male community leaders interested in being MENtors!!… t.co/N4ql8IA00t


Areas Where We Focus


A mentor is a trusted adult friend with a long-term, consistent commitment to provide guidance and support to a youth. Formal Mentoring Programs are focused on supporting the relationship between mentor and youth (mentee) and developing the character and capabilities of the young person. At the most basic level a mentor is there to help the young person understand that they are valued by their community and were born with their own unique gifts and purpose. At the deepest level mentors stand by and guide young people when they suffer the challenges and initiations in their development.

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Character Building

Bloom Project offers character building to the youth that we serve to help cater to their overall development as a teenager. Our programs are designed to build a diverse network of leaders resulting in a powerful ripple effect of inclusion throughout the community. We build leaders in the community through our programs focused on discrimination, entrepreneurship, relationships, and much more.

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College Preparation

Bloom Project offers college preparation the youth we serve in a variety of ways. Primarily, we would like to take our youth out on annual college tours to get them exposed to a variety of colleges of their interest. We also strive to partner with local colleges, universities, and vocational schools who are willing to come to our mentoring workshops to provide information regarding their institution’s academic programs.

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Service Projects

Bloom Project Inc. is committed to helping young people become part of the solution to societal problems by showing them how even their smallest actions can make a difference in the lives of others. We provide high-quality volunteer service experiences for our participants. We bring the field of service-learning to the community’s young people through the Project King Program to encourage community participation and engaged citizenship through direct service to homeless and hungry people.

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Career Exploration

How do we expect young people to dream if they don’t know what they can dream about? Opportunities for career exploration give young people broader exposure to the working world they will one day enter. It helps them “connect the dots” between school and career in ways that keep them motivated to graduate with the skills they will need for the future. Bloom Project Inc. provides opportunities for our participants to improve their academic performance, improve their attitudes about their career possibilities and more…

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Feedback & Testimonials

  • King Rap by Chance Blackwell (BPI King) We are the Kings, we stand up with our heads high, no there aint no solvable problem we will let pass by/our future is more brighter than the darkness with no flashlight/I'll push my brothers out the nest because I know they'll take flight/ We destined for greatness, these people they throwing obstacles, and tell us we can't do it, but it's only adding fuel to the fire that we bring, to the choir that will sing/singing of kings that will be kings even without all of the bling/ We like brothers when we walk, we gentleman when we talk/we never disrespect the women that brought us into this world/ We learn from our mistakes, success we anticipate, we learning all of these skills so it come early and not late/ We got all these hidden talents that we all kept inside/then we came right to bloom and they helped us perform it live/ They helped us earn this money, it's funny how it's the right way, we found the job we wanted not needed man ain't that crazy/ We ain't afraid to speak up, we ain't afraid link up, to have a conversation or just simply just to turn up/ Because this is a Brotherhood we boost each other how we should/ I'd crown em all if I could and now we are crowning our king/
    King Rap (by Chance Blackwell)
  • I enjoy Project Bloom very much and I have learned a lot from it. Through this program I believe that I’ve become more attentive to the community by paying more attention to what is going on in my home city. This program is important to me because they care about me and keep up with how I am doing in school. I’ve enjoyed this program and I will miss Bloom, and my Bloom family, when I go away to college. I won’t forget a single thing they have taught me in this program. This program has been very important to me. As a young man growing up in this community and being part of the Bloom family, it has shown me different avenue I can use as a tool in the future as a college student, and also as an adult. I love you all and appreciate you very much. Thank you for all you have done and are continuing to do for me and my King Brother’s.

    - Robert Ward (BPI King)

    Enjoyable Experience
  • I have learned a vast amount of information from being involved in the Bloom Project. One of the most important life lessons I have learned is to set high goals and have a well thought out plan to achieve it. When there is a plan for a high goal, the chances of succeeding are increased by a large amount. I am thankful for that lesson because goal setting and planning things out are skills that I can and will use throughout my entire life. I have also learned the value of serving others through community service projects.   Even though it is sometimes a push for me to volunteer, I always feel good after being able to serve or help people who may need it.  I plan on attending college at Notre Dame or Purdue to major in computer engineering. I want to graduate with my Bachelor’s degree and work for a car company like GM as a computer engineer. Not only do I want to succeed in my job, but I want to impact people and make a change as well. One quote that has stuck with me since the beginning of high school is, “never say no to an opportunity to grow”. With that mindset, I believe that I have allowed myself to experience and learn things I never could have if I let certain opportunities pass. I would like to thank my family for supporting me from day 1 and to now and in the future. I would also like to thank Ms. Arnetta and the Bloom Project for providing a “LIGHT” for kids in a world full of darkness.  Ms. Arnetta, you all are doing something great in this community and world and it deserves to be noticed! Last but not least, I'd like to thank anyone who has invested into my success whether it was for one hour or for a number of years. I appreciate all of the support!

    - Jordan Bridges (BPI King)

    Opportunites to Grow
  • Bloom makes an impact by aligning our programming to the necessities of our community as it relates today’s youth success and progression. As an organization we partner alongside schools and families to assist today’s youth in achieving their professional and scholastic endeavors. We make it our mission to make sure our youth is recognized as the next generation of leaders. Year after year we strive to develop a class of profound youth that understand their value, are confident enough to go after dreams yet humble enough to continue to serve their community. Through our mentoring program we provide support, accountability and encouragement as we discuss with our youth the importance of good decision making and help them fine tune their own personal leadership. Through our service learning efforts we provide our youth a true humbling experience and a greater sense of purpose by finding opportunities for them to be impacted and be impactful.

    - Asia Bartee (BPI Operations Director)

    Servicing Community Needs
  • The impact that Bloom has for me as a parent is Bloom Project are a resource for me on community involvement. Bloom knows what is going on and the programs that are out there that I may not know anything about. As for my King (KeChaun) it’s the mentorship that is being offered and given. He knows he has someone in his corner to talk to about problems or anything else that may come up.

     - Kristle Brooks (Parent)

    Positive Impact
  • As a single mom raising a black male in this society today, the Bloom Project has shown me that they are good people out there that really truly care about our young African American men. They care about their well-being, their schooling, the future and most importantly their life. The Bloom Project has shown me that I may be a single mother but I am not alone in this race. I absolutely adore the men and women that have surrounded themselves with my son Robert. He is not just part of a group or organization, the Bloom Project Robert and I are part of is a family. The Bloom Project has impacted my son’s life it a great way. He also now knows he is not alone. There are positive influences within the Bloom Project. He knows all he has to do is pick up the phone and call anyone of them and they will answer and be there for him. He knows that they are looking out for his future as far as college and being a great young man. Robert comes home from being with is Bloom family and have joy from what he had just experienced. I’m proud to be in the Bloom Family. Thank you for Bloom Project family and thank you Arnetta Scruggs.

    - Charmene Humphrey (Parent)

    You Are Not Alone
  • As a parent, Bloom Project has been the village to help me raise my King and acts as an accountability partner in terms of project commitments and community service. Although my King is raised in a 2 parent household it can still prove challenging to raise a successful young man/ member of society in this day and age. Bloom gives my son, TraVon, a sense of responsibility and accountability for himself and his peers. He often feels accomplished after completing a community service project, with the desire to do more. The other parents and facilitators at Bloom make it a priority to include all the young men, and act as surrogate parents when need be. I love Bloom Project!

    - Kandace Jones (Parent)

    Raising Kings
  • Bloom Project has helped me become a better person… I have been able to come out of the shell that I’ve been in dang near all my life. Yall have taught me to control my anger a little better. Bloom has given me a second family tbh (To Be Honest) my dad’s family is not really anything to me so Bloom has become my second family and I care about every soul that I speak to at Bloom events and have a good relationship with. So, Bloom has helped me become a more “AWESOMER” person (I know that’s not a word but that what Bloom has done).

    - Jayden Alexander (Bloom Project King)

    BPI Helped Me Be A Better Person
  • I know that as my son grows older, he is going to be challenged with decision making, and I wanted to provide a positive outlet for him.  I found the Bloom Project, and although he has not been involved long, he has greatly enjoyed the experience. Since my son has been involved with the Bloom Project, he has been able to be involved in a speaking engagement with a positive entertainer, he has been able to give back to the community, and he has been able to watch a documentary on issues affecting our community, and he was provided the opportunity to give his ideas and opinions on the issues in the documentary. Having my son involved in a positive organization has been so refreshing.  I know that I can allow my son to be out at an event with the Bloom Project, without having to worry about things I would have to worry about if he were out with a group of friends.  The Bloom Project has had a positive impact on me as a parent, because I know that my son is in a positive, fun environment.  The group has had a positive impact on my son, because he enjoys being able to go out and experience new things, while having some male interaction…since his home is full of girls. Being associated with the Bloom Project is a win-win situation for any parent and son!

    - Shalanda Jackson (Parent)

    Positive Organization
  • Bloom Project makes a difference by building meaningful relationships in the community. This is done by being intentional on having youth as the voice and direction of programming. They are able to speak honestly on their interests, goals, and passions. Staff and Mentors invest in that leadership and in the commitment of working to encourage and uplift the Kings.

    - Brandon Randall (BPI Program Director)

    Making a Difference in the Community
  • Bloom Project made an impact with me as a parent because I have been able to connect Jordan with positive African American business men. As a senior I want Jordan to be able to hear about the business world from a male perspective. Jordan has grown with his ability to make goals.

    - Paula Bridges (Parent)

    Personal Impact
  • "The amount of possibility that you see in every workshop, meeting, activity and event that Bloom holds, will give you every boost of inspiration to be a better person, citizen & teacher. The impact that Bloom leaves on these young men every day will give this world the boost it needs to see young African American men in a more positive, influential & noble way."

    - Patshawna Nickeo (BPI Royal MENtality Program Director)

    Boost of Inspirartion
  • Bloom Project has truly helped my son to become more aware of himself and his community. Prior to becoming a part of this great organization/brotherhood my son was very shy and unwilling to initiate conversations with others. That is no longer the case; he is still shy but much more social. He has formed bonds and connections with the other young kings and mentors which gives him a sense of belonging. It makes me proud as a parent to see him take initiative, working in the community, volunteering and helping in ways we never would have thought of on our own. We have been a part of the Bloom Project family a little over one year, and we look forward to many more years. This organization exposes our young men to people, places and opportunities that will be beneficial to their success, also helping them become well rounded, contributing members of society. 

    -Sabrina Alexander (Parent)

    Bloom Project Brotherhood
  • Bloom Project, Inc.  has put positive male role models in the life of my son that he may not have otherwise had. These men show him that they believe in him and his dreams and push him to be better each day.  As a single parent, this lifts an enormous weight off my shoulders.  Finding positive programs like Bloom Project, Inc. that have people that are truly and deeply vested in the well-being of your child are hard to come by; especially at no cost to me.

    Bloom Project, Inc. also provides assistance with things that can be so overwhelming to a single parent such as college prep and discussion.  Knowing that I have people to turn to when my time comes, puts my mind at ease.  I am forever grateful to Bloom Project, Inc.

    - Sajatta Wright (Parent/ BPI Business Manager/ Parent Liaison)

    Positive Male Role Models
  • "I would not necessarily deem it a testimony in my case, than that more so of a revelation! One of my greatest most humbling experiences was participating in the Kings Feast, for two reasons in particular! One; to be even thought of as a role model, mentor, professional, and in this case a King was such an honor. On top of being considered all of those mentioned above, I was asked to share a podium with the likes of men who are well known successful black men in the city of Fort Wayne. Ranging from men who received their doctorate to men who have successfully started independent businesses. For Arnetta Scruggs to even think of me in the same category as such men with endless accomplishments was indeed an honor as well as a humbling experience. Two; to be asked to speak to an audience of young men to help lead and guide those young men in a more positive and productive direction was again such a humbling experience! I never seen myself as a mentor or anyone who will be a positive influence up until that moment. So I am extremely grateful, appreciative, honored, humbled, and thankful for the opportunity granted by Arnetta Scruggs to be a participant in the Kings Feast!" – James Raines, Kings Feast Symposium Panelist, Fort Wayne Chapter
    A Humbling Experience & Revelation
    A Humbling Experience
  • “Kings Feast to me was a wonderful experience. I learned A LOT of information, like "Knowledge Is The New Money, Knowledge Is The New Normal.  "They told us stories so we could understand it better. I also loved the fact that we got to act like a College kid for the weekend. Got to stay in Dorms, Go to different Classes; they talked about staying in shape, Opposite Sex, How To Mange Our Money. Lots of stuff that will help us when we get older. It made me become a better person. I Loved ever moment of it. Great Program!!!!!!!!!!!! "I Am A King" -Sredrick Trey Tinker, Participant, Fort Wayne Chapter.
    Kings Feast Symposium was a Wonderful Experience
    Wonderful Experience


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